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Book Review of The Practical Guide to Patchwork

Hi Guys!

I am so excited to share this book review with you!


This wonderful book is by Elizabeth Hartman, who blogs over at Oh Fransson.com, and I absolutely love this book!  First of all, let me say…I am very much a beginner quilter and there are still questions floating around my head.  I often look at my piecing and wonder if I am doing this right.  Well, this book answered most of my questions and gave me a better understanding of the process of quilting.

This book is broken into 4 sections

  • The Basics    This sections really covers everything you should know as you are starting on the quilting journey.  As I read this section, I found myself realizing just HOW MUCH I was doing wrong!  I felt good when I went back to my projects because I was more confident in my quilting.  
  • Projects to Get You Started  These projects are simples but very interesting designs.  There are three projects in each sections and I found myself wanting to do all three.  These projects also helped me understand how to read the patterns.  
  • Projects for Confident Beginner  There are also three projects in this section.  All are interesting but not overwhelming in the directions.
  • Intermediate-Level Projects  I really liked the patterns in this section especially the “Birdbath” project which I may make for my husband.  

I also, in the past, have been intimidated by quilt patterns.  Elizabeth’s instructions are clear and concise and she even gives quick reminders or redirects you back to previous instruction just in case you did not “get it” the first time.  With that said, she provides 12 Quilt Projects and I plan on doing the following (at some time):

  1. Fenced In
  2. Snapshots
  3. Small Plates
  4. Valentine
  5. Superstar
  6. Birdbath

I would indeed suggest this book to any new quilter like me!  As proof in my understanding, here is my very best quilt so far:


I have named this quilt “64 Reasons I Love You.”  There are 64 squares!  I will be posting about this quilt tomorrow and all I am currently working on.  I am working on a lot!  I also just purchased some fabric and received some great sewing Christmas gifts.

I do have some reminders ….or suggestions for you.  First of all, register for the Spoonflower Giveaway (Here) and to check out Elizabeth Hartman’s Blogger Choice set of fabric over at the Fat Quarter Shop (Here).

Until Tomorrow! Quilt Pretty!


Hope for All!

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Hope for All!


I thought I would drop in to say Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope as you read this, all is well in your life and you are finished with all your Christmas shopping, crafting, sewing, quilting or cooking! I have finished what was meant to be done and I am alright with it! I will posting about that after christmas! Have a great one…

~Quilt Pretty, Kare

Book Review Coming!!!


Book Review Coming!!!

Today, my new book came in the mail…. The Practical Guide to Patchwork! I am very excited about this book! It is written by Elizabeth Hartman who also blogs at http://www.ohfransson.com (click on the picture for the Jump). Check her out if you get a chance! I have already decided I will do all 12 of the projects in the book! Stay tuned, hopefully we will learn together!

~Sew Pretty, Kare


My Quilting Wish List


I sometimes go to my local quilt shop, Intown Quilters, and I find myself loving everything.  I browse through their notions and feel as if I need EVERYTHING!  I NEED THIS FABIC, I need this notion because it will make me BETTER!  I go to the bookstore and resist from buying every book with pages and pages of beautiful quilts.  Shiny, glossy pages of quilts and directions to make those quilts.  Oh the temptation!  I have to stop myself and consider if my impulses will impede my Happy Husband.  WIth that said, i decided to share my  very long wish list.  I will be revisiting this list every month and checking off items, adding items along with sharing my experience with those items.  Hopefully my Happy Husband will stop by my little blog and buy me something special…;0)

  1. Wonder Clips- 50 Pack 
  2. Sewline Gift Set-  Includes Fabric Glue Pen, Fabric Pencil, Lead and Trio Pencil  
  3. Fabric Line Oh Deer by MoMo 
  4. Fabric Line Noteworthy by Sweetwater 
  5. Fabric Line Type by Windham Fabri
  6. Fabric Line Marmalade by Moda

I know my list is short, I did some editing because it was SHAMEFULLY long……;0)




A Boy and a Plane


A Boy and a Plane

Well Christmas is almost here and I have so much to do and to make! I finished the quilt pictured above last night. Four more christmas quilts to go. This is an inside out quilt. The binding makes it’s self! That is really really cool! I learned this method at Red Pepper Quilts….you can go there by clicking on the photo. Check it out, I am sure it will be worth it!

Have a Great One!



It Will Start Here

Hello Everyone!

I have been attempting to start a blog for awhile and I think this is where I will REALLY start!  My name is Kare and I love to quilt.  I recently started sewing and yesterday I completed my sixth quilt.  I think I am addicted!  I am a lot of things but here I just want to focus on my sewing.  I hope if you are reading this, you will join along with me as I share what’s working or not working for me.  I plan on sharing book reviews, recipes and my favorite things also.  I will be sharing more this week…otherwise have a great night!