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WIP (Work In Progress)


Hey Guys!

Well it is a new year and I have a fresh list of people I want to quilt for.  I am already working on three separate quilts right now along with finishing two.  The holiday break has been really good to me, allowing me some quality time in front of Hello Kitty (my sewing machine). She is really the cutest sewing machine EVER!!!  


Here is a quilt that I am finishing.  This quilt is for one of my BEST friends!  What so special about this quilt is that …this quilt is the first I quilted with my new walking foot my happy husband got me for christmas!  Thanks Sweetie….


The 3 Sketches

I also created three quilts …one you saw in my last post (here), another I saw a picture of a quilt and drew it out myself, and the final quilt will be for my bedroom.  Here are the pictures of the sketches.

Sketch 1

64 Reasons I Love You Sketch:  This quilt was for my Father-In-Law …I will post more pictures later.


Sketch 2

This sketch was inspired by a quilt I saw over at Little and Lots (Here) When I saw the quilt I fell in love. I had no choice but to draw it out.  I thought I was looking at mountains which is why I want to call this quilt Rainbow Mountains.  Laura was so kind to direct me over to the pattern of the quilt, which is found Elizabeth Hartman’s new book, Modern Patchwork.  By the time she got back to me…I had already started.  I am making 12 1/2 inch blocks and once I am finished I will most likely work out the pattern Fire Drill.  Here is the sketch:


Sketch 3

My last sketch, was from my desire to work on my HSTs and HST Flying geese.  I don’t have a name for this quilt yet, so if you have any suggestions please comment.  Here it is:


I did this sketch backwards, I cut all my fabric first and then assigned each stack of 5 inch squares a colored pencil.  Then I made myself a grid and got to drawing.  This took me all day, but when I was done, I felt really good about myself.  Here are a few pictures of my “process.”



The “flying geese” or goose is the first one I did.  It is my goal to do five geese a day.  I will keep you updated on the progress.  

Well that is all for now…I will update you on my WIP again next week.  Until then Sew Pretty!


Author: Pretty Lady Baby

I am just a girl trying to be crafty. Well really a woman but my thoughts are girly. I am embarking on a journey. I hope to complete all of my goals, share and learn from others.

8 thoughts on “WIP (Work In Progress)

  1. I love your color choices-especially the flying geese quilt. Also, I think you are smart to draw out your quilts that way-even if you change the quilt while you are sewing….I think you learn a lot about design that way!

    • Thank you so much for the supportive words! I must admit, I am already of thinking of ways to change the quilt. I have completed five of those block…today is a new day with five more to go! Thanks again!

  2. I love your sketches! I’ll be interested to see how your Rainbow Mountains quilt comes out from squares/triangles instead of diamonds! I think it’ll work, and will be totally different and interesting. Can’t wait.

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  4. Your drawings are fantastic! I look forward to seeing your progress.

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