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My First Finished Quilt of 2013



I am so happy the first quilt I finished in 2013 is just for me.  I really love it!  This was the second time I used my walking foot, which I had to return.  I have another one coming my way.  No mail yesterday but hopefully I will get some of my stash in today.  

If you head on over to my Facebook page you might want to comment on my latest status! Just saying….here is another picture of the whole quilt.


Until my next post, Sew Pretty!


Author: Pretty Lady Baby

I am just a girl trying to be crafty. Well really a woman but my thoughts are girly. I am embarking on a journey. I hope to complete all of my goals, share and learn from others.

16 thoughts on “My First Finished Quilt of 2013

  1. It’s beautiful and I’m impressed how well the quilting looks. I do a lot of stitching in the ditch, but haven’t attempted to quilt a whole top like that. Probably because I don’t have a walking foot! Yay for you!

  2. Isn’t it great when you get something finished. I loved my walking foot too. But I’m learning free motion quilting now too. But just knowing that you CAN do the walking foot thing makes it possible to try other things too.

  3. Grat finish – very pretty!

  4. Congratulations on finishing your first quilt. I know I felt so good after my first one. I can’t wait to finish my music quilt for my granddaughter. Keep up your good work and will be checking back to see more on your blog. HAPPY QUILTING!

    • Well this is not my FIRST QUILT….it is my first quilt of the year! I guess I should re word that ….thank you for pointing that out and I hope you still decide to follow!

      • Yes, I thought about that and realized that it was probably not your first.
        This is the first time I’ve gotten busy with blog… still learning how and what to do on this thing… I follow but forget to go back and read regularly. Will and am start doing better.
        Happy Quilting!

      • No worries! I was just clarifying. I did not realize it read like that until you said something! I totally appreciate you following along in anyway! Hang in there ….we learn from each other…and, oh, consider me a follower!

  5. I was just introduced to the walking foot when I used a friend’s machine. They are pricey on Amazon, but I think the money will be worth it when I consider the frustration saved 🙂 Congrats on finishing up a quilt already in 2013. I need to work on some applique today, so I can get a quilt finished soon!

  6. Beautiful, and very quick work!! Jodie xx

  7. Kerrie,
    This quilt is amazing. Im super proud of you!! You have to teach me.

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