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Project Quilting Completed…



Hey Guys!

I know I have been very quiet these past few days ..but that is because I have been busy creating a square within a square!  May I present to you my entry into Project Quilting ….A  Car Seat Quilt… that has the perfect name of  “A Bird in a Box.”


The size of my quilt is 27 inches by 27 inches.  I would say I have been through a long creative process.  This block started to be a bag for another quilt I am making but I absolutely loved the way the block turned out and decided to give this block a greater purpose.

Here is a picture of the back….


I created the back from scrap I had of the collection.  If you are also doing a Lovely Year of Finishes.   I am making a set of baby items for one of my teachers at school.  This will also be in the set of baby items I am making.  If you notice, there are two ties on the back of the quilt.  These ties are meant to be tied to the handle of the car seat to keep the baby covered.  Isn’t that clever!

Here’s a close up…


I decided to name the quilt ” A Bird in the Box” because I attempted to put one complete sketch of a bird in some of my squares.  Here a close up…


Arn’t they cute.  There is one more thing I have to say…This quilt was made in Atlanta, GA by Me…Kerrie Porter.

I really hope you enjoy my quilt as it is my hope a little girl will one day also!  Until next time, Sew Pretty!



Author: Pretty Lady Baby

I am just a girl trying to be crafty. Well really a woman but my thoughts are girly. I am embarking on a journey. I hope to complete all of my goals, share and learn from others.

13 thoughts on “Project Quilting Completed…

  1. Great block and colour choices, fingers crossed for you!

  2. Kerry – you left a wonderful comment on my blog — BUT I can’t reply to you because you are a no reply blogger — you can change that in your settings — There is a link in my sidebar about how to do there for blogger blog — but I don’t know how to do that for your type of blog. Just wanted to let you know! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment! — Marcia

  3. Nice job, Kerrie! If my count is right, you now have THREE finishes and the month is only half over!! Congrats.

  4. I love your birds! Congrats on a beautiful finish!

  5. A brilliant idea…love the back as much as the front!

    • Thank you so much! I think now I like the back better now..I really just grabed two fat quarters some scraps, sewed them together then cut into strips. It was very spur at the moment. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you decide to keep up with me!

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