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Project Quilting #2 My Favorite Color


Hello Guys!

I am so happy to be posting again.  I have been feeling under the weather the past three days….so happy to be up and about.  I woke up today around 2pm, feeling better …when I suddenly remember TODAY the second challenge will be posted.  So, I headed over to Persimon Dreams to find out what the challenge was.  Well, it is all about your favorite color.  My favorite color is PINK!  I love pink!  This week you can make anything that has your favorite color coupled with white.  I knew exactly want I wanted to work with.  My quilt shop has this beautiful fabric that has a gradient effect, starting with a dark color then fading into a lighter version of that color.  It is sooo pretty!  The fabric literally has every shade of pink in it!  Here are my fabric choices:


I am using the print as my background fabric.  I think I am going to make a zig zag quilt.  Depending on how much I like it…I may have to keep this for myself!  We will see!

Once again, I am so happy to be posting again.  I will keep you all updating about what is going on here …Oh I have one more thing to share.  I have officially moved into my sewing room.  I will be posting about it soon.  Do any of you guys have your own sewing room?  Would you share your thought on the flow of the room?  I have been re arranging my furniture in my head all day!  Until next time, Sew Pretty!

~ Kare

Author: Pretty Lady Baby

I am just a girl trying to be crafty. Well really a woman but my thoughts are girly. I am embarking on a journey. I hope to complete all of my goals, share and learn from others.

7 thoughts on “Project Quilting #2 My Favorite Color

  1. I have a sewing room which is mostly mine, but also plays host to a futon for when we have guests, which really affects the amount of space I have. Ideally, I’d have a U-shaped set-up with a cutting station on the right, an ironing station on the left, and my sewing table as the base. Anyway, I think the amount of space you have will make the biggest difference in how you set it up – the futon gets in the way of me having decent storage and stops me having my nice U-set up (I use one table, which when I’m sewing has a cutting mat on it and then the sewing machine on top of that, and a table-top ironing board across the top of the table, when I’m quilting something, I take everything off it except the sewing machine), but it’s still world’s better than having to use the kitchen table and clear everything away in time for supper.

    • Thank you so much for commenting! I am also putting a bed in the room for guest…go figure! My husband is building me a day bed frame that will have storage. I will keep what you said on my mind. Thanks again!

  2. That fabric is lovely! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m jealous of your sewing room- right now I have a sewing station, but not an entire room devoted to it… yet. 😉

  3. Look forward to seeing what you make with that lovely fabric. Thanks for following my blog by the way 🙂

  4. I’m sorry you were under the weather! Glad to know you are feeling better and have a pink project to work on!

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