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Work In Progress

Hey Guys!

I have been busy today! I started the day by pressing all of my pink and white squares for project quilting. Then, I made sure all of my squares were exactly 5 inches by 5 inches. Slow work but really worth it once it’s time to sew. Around 2pm I took a break and decided to cook dinner. Dinner tonight was fried chicken, salad and potato salad. On a whim, I made some cupcakes with lemon butter cream. They were sooo good! Here is a picture.



After cooking, I went to Whipstitch to hang out with my sewing buddies and draw a diagonal line on all of those squares. Talking and snacking sure does make the time fly!  Plus I had a friend helping me, Thanks D ;0).  Here are some pictures of the process.

Slow but worthy work for a quilter.

Slow but worthy work for a quilter.

Squares waiting for lines

You cannot imagine how many times I drew this line!

You cannot imagine how many times I drew this line!

Stack of Pink and White squares ready to be stitched up!

Stack of Pink and White squares ready to be stitched up!

Tomorrow, I will be sewing the quilt top up.  I have decided this quilt will be for me!  That is my work in progress for now.  For that reason I will be linking up to WIP at Freshly Pieced.  If you are visiting from there, Welcome!  I hope you take the time to look around and comment!  I love comments!

Until, next time Sew Pretty!



Checking things off my List!


Hey Guys!

Today has been a very productive day!  I cut all my fabric for the Star Burst Quilt Along over at Happy Quilting.  This week I am only responsible for cutting!  Thanks goodness!  Above is the picture of all the completed cutting.   Here is another picture of the grouping of the stars.  I purchased my fabric at Intrepid Threads, she had pre-made bundles for this quilt along.  I picked the bundled titled, Frosty Autumn.  I really love the colors.

Image copy

This fabric will hopefully look like this:

Frosty Autumn 1

I know pretty right!  I did not choose the same grouping for my stars.  I have complete some sewing this week.  I made a Hexi Kit for my Mom.  She is also doing the Hex on the Beach kit.  It will be my Mommy time for sure!  Here are the pictures for you!


For that reason I will be linking up to Quilt Story for Fabric TuesdaysBetter Off Thread for Sew Cute Tuesdays  and Finish It Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts (this will be my finish for the week)!  If you are visiting from either site WELCOME!  Take a look around and please comment!  I love to hear from fellow quilters!  

Until Next time, Sew Pretty!



My Pink Rainbow



Hey Guys!

Today I went to Whipstitch and cut into my fabric!  Doesn’t it look like a PINK RAINBOW???  If you can’t see it now …you will tomorrow.  I have cut enough squares to make something for myself and maybe a special little girl on my list …who knows!  Below is my sketch for my quilt.  I know this is a very simple HST arrangement but I always do better when I have something to follow!



Tomorrow I will be back at Whipstitch to start sewing together my HSTs!  I really, really love this fabric and can’t wait to let you see more!  Have a great night!

Sew Pretty!



Monthly To Do List with Pigtales and Quilts



Hey Guys!

This morning I was reading Quilters Blogs and ran across Pigtales and Quilts.   Thearica has proposed that bloggers like you and me should write a list of 5 things we want to get completed this month.  SInce the month is almost over, I thought this would be great for me to get an additional push!

Here is my List:

  1. Complete Project Runway Challenge
  2. Finish Sew Can She Along
  3. Complete Cut List for Starburst Quilt Along
  4. Complete Block for Craftsy BOM
  5. Complete Block for Skill Builder BOM

Wish me luck you guys!  If you need a push you should go check this out!

Sew Pretty!



Project Quilting #2 My Favorite Color

Hello Guys!

I am so happy to be posting again.  I have been feeling under the weather the past three days….so happy to be up and about.  I woke up today around 2pm, feeling better …when I suddenly remember TODAY the second challenge will be posted.  So, I headed over to Persimon Dreams to find out what the challenge was.  Well, it is all about your favorite color.  My favorite color is PINK!  I love pink!  This week you can make anything that has your favorite color coupled with white.  I knew exactly want I wanted to work with.  My quilt shop has this beautiful fabric that has a gradient effect, starting with a dark color then fading into a lighter version of that color.  It is sooo pretty!  The fabric literally has every shade of pink in it!  Here are my fabric choices:


I am using the print as my background fabric.  I think I am going to make a zig zag quilt.  Depending on how much I like it…I may have to keep this for myself!  We will see!

Once again, I am so happy to be posting again.  I will keep you all updating about what is going on here …Oh I have one more thing to share.  I have officially moved into my sewing room.  I will be posting about it soon.  Do any of you guys have your own sewing room?  Would you share your thought on the flow of the room?  I have been re arranging my furniture in my head all day!  Until next time, Sew Pretty!

~ Kare


2013 Participation List


Hey Guys!

As always, I hope you are have a great day, where ever you may be.  I was thinking yesterday…how many things AM I signed up for?  I decided to do some research of my sidebar, make myself a calendar and really purpose myself to get it done.  Earlier this month I wrote about my goals.  One of my goals was to complete my projects.

Complete all my projects.  I am enrolled in a three block of them month clubs and a sew a long.  This is my first time ever doing these things.  I know I am going to have to be purposeful to get everything done.  If you look to the right you can see everything I am doing.

I am seriously holding myself to that!  I also want to learn a few new skills, one of them being Paper Piecing and I have recently added Free Motion Quilting to that list.  I also wrote in my goals that I wanted to use Flickr.  With that said I thought I would outline everything I am participating in this year along with a good description.  So here we go!

2013-01-17 02.46.35 am

  1.  Sugar Block Club: This BOM (Block of the Month) is hosted by Amy Gibson from Stitchery Dickory Dock.  You can purchase the BOM here. This cost is $7.95, which is think is cheap!  What makes this BOM special is each month you get a block to create and a sweets to bake.  You can also post your completed blocks to a Flickr Group.
  2. It’s A New Year Sew Along:  This month-long sew along is hosted by Caroline from She Can Sew.  Although the month is halfway over you could still get in!  This sew along has a prize at the end of the tunnel and is due on January 29th at 10pm.  If you decided to enter you could win a gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.  That is really enough for me to jump in!  Check out the Facebook page here.
  3. Skill Builder Block of the Month:  This is a BOM hosted by Alyssa from Pile O’ Fabrics.  There are no prizes here because truthfully, the prize is her doing this amazing BOM for free.  Here you will polish some old skills and learn quite a few more.  She is also teaching the quilt as you go method and free motion quilting.  At the end of the year, you will have learned 20 new blocks and you get a pretty cool modern quilt too!  Here is the link for the Flickr Group.  I am really excited about this particular BOM. 
  4. Craftsy Block of the Month:  This BOM is being taught by Laura Nownes over at Craftsy.  If you don’t already know what Craftsy is ….go check it out!  This class is FREE…did you hear me say FREE!  Plus, it is at your own pace!  No deadlines but you can’t go ahead either.
  5. Lovely Year of Finishes:  This goal setting incentive based contest is hosted by Melissa of Sew Bitter Sweet Designs and by Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts.  Here you can set a goal, check in mid-month and at the end of the month show off your finish.  You submission allows you a chance at a coveted prize along with a Flickr Group to look through!
  6. Starburst Quilt Along:  Melissa from Happy Quilting is hosting this quilt along.  Here you will make four Starburst blocks, along with the option of three sizes of blocks.  Participation in this quilt along also gives you the winning chance of increasing your stash in someway.  You could also meet some new sewing friend in the Flickr Group.
  7. And Sew On..BOM:  This BOM is all about paper piecing, which is one of my yearly goals.  I am not sure how long I will make it…but I am sure gonna try!  It is hosted by Kristy at Quiet Play.  She also has monthly prizes and a Flickr Group to post to.
  8. Project Quilting:  This contest is stressful but it really drives the imagination.  Season 4 just got started and soon Kim from Persimon Dreams will be posting the second challenge.  It’t not too late to jump in!  Head first as I like to do it.  At the end of each challenge, there is a drawing for a prize.  You should also check out the Fat Quarter Shop- Tradition Times Three Challenge.  Here is the Flicker Group for Project Quilting.
  9. The Something New Sampler:  This sampler is a weekly block that will be over in a jiffy!  It is being hosted by Amy from The Cute Life Smiles.
  10. Quick As A Fox Sew Along:  The Sewing Loft is hosting this sew along and it is being taught by Becky from The Patchwork Posse.  This is also a weekly sampler that has nine blocks to learn. Here is the Flickr Group.

I know you are reading this and wondering how I am going it do it…well as my Happy Husband says, “Slow and Steady wins the race.”  That will be my saying for now.  One thing for sure, by the end of the year I WILL know how to use Flickr!  I am so excited about all the things I am going to learn and happy that I have the time to commit to what I really want to do….sew.

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



A Finish for a Bloggy Friend

Good Early Morning Guys!

In the mornings when I call my Mother I always proclaim, “The SON is shining!”  He is, the SON is shining even here at 3 in the morning.  I woke up with my Bloggy Friend Caroline, from lalinsocal, Hexi Kit on my mind.  I decided to get up and go ahead in finish this very special Hexi Kit.  The house was so still and it seemed like the hum of my sewing machine was a perfect companion to The Biggest Loser.

I made this Hexi Kit for Caroline because she is also doing the Tula Pink’s Hex on the Beach Kit.  I have complete the first row already which was my goal for the week.  Here are some pictures.


Well, I am now finished here is what has been created in the wee hours of the morning.  I really love the orange dots!


My Mother is also doing the Hex on the Beach Kit, so I will be making one more kit.  I think I kinda want to make a different one for myself.  We’ll see. ;0) Let me know what you guys think!  Oh, and make sure you go check out lalinsocal!  She is doing big things this year!  Until next time, Sew Pretty!