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Work In Progress

Hey Guys!

Tonight I will revealing a finished quilt…maybe two finished quilts!  Last night I took a class with a friend and made two envelope pillows and finished another clutch.  I have been a busy girl.  Here is a picture of the latest clutch …this one is quilted!



Next I will be working on these two quilts:

work in progress

I have done all the cutting for this quilt and have to start piecing.  

The picture below is my goal for Lovely Year of Finishes.  This month is almost over so I really need to get a move on!


That is all for today, I will be back tonight (maybe) to post my finished quilt!

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



Free Motion Quilting

Hello Guys!

I have been finishing some quilting, working on others and having fun since the last time I wrote.  On Saturday, I participated in my first Sew In with the West Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild.  We came together and worked on projects, shared talked and laughed!  It was great fun!  Afterwards, I went to the Atlanta Sewing Center to take my first Bernina Class, which was on buttonholes.  I walked in, tired from the Sew In confused because the class was TWO hours long on BUTTONHOLES!   Let me tell you, buttonholes deserve two hours ;0) … plus the instructor showed me how to use my darning foot or “The Free Motion Foot.”   After she showed me, I went home and made this:


After playing around, I started reading Beginner’s Guide to Free Motion Quilting by Natalia Bonner.  If you are embarking on the FMQ journey like me, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!  You do, go get it!

On Sunday, I went to my Maple Leaf Rag Quilt class.  I worked on that quilt for awhile with my classmates/friends then I went home and made this:


This is the front.  I stabilized this nine patch by stitching in the ditch and then making a grid to practice making single arches. Some looks like arches others…not so much but it is practice.  Below is how it looks on the back. IMG_0396

Then I wanted to try stippling and loops on a block I made a long time ago.


This one, I feel better about then the previous one.  I will be doing a lot of practice so I can do one of these designs on a quilt. Below is the back.

This is a picture from the book Material Obsession 2.  Fabricate Studios is where I am taking this class, the Maple Leaf Rag Quilt.  It is made of scraps.  I have finished almost all of my kites, which make the star pattern.  jazzhands-mapleleafrag-600x3361After making all kites, I am ready to make a plan for the spider webs.  Here are my plans:



I plan to use low volume fabrics for the spider webs.  I have made kites in the color groups above and I am really excited as this quilt top comes together very slowly.  VERY SLOWLY ;0)

I will be linking up today to Better Off Threads, which I was very surprised to see my apron was featured on today’s post!  Make sure you check her out and link up!  If you are visiting from there today, please leave a comment!  I love getting comments ;0)

Until next time, Sew Pretty!




Work In Progress

Hey Guys!

I have been chugging along with my projects!   Today I did some quilting on my Cloud Song and I worked on some blocks for my Block of the month.  I am really loving this fabric!  Here are some pictures for you!


The fabric is Alexander Henry and some Kona Solids.  IMG_0381

The picture is at a weird angle but this block is called the Double Nine Patch.  I like it but I think it is a bit busy. IMG_0378

This is a variation of the Rail Fence block, more like a pin wheel.



This block is the Rail Fence but it looks more like chevrons to me.   Well that is all for tonight.  I think I will relax with the Happy Husband and prepare myself for the task of quilting, then on to the next project!  Until next time, Sew Pretty! ~Kare


Herringbone Clutch & More

Hey Guys!

Today I had a great time!  I made another clutch, finished up a block for my First Modern Quilt BOM, basted Cloud Song (for the third time) and hung out with a sewing friend.  I put almost every safety pin I could find in that darn quilt.  I will once again attempt quilting it with hopes of no bunching.  Have any of you had bunching problems?  This is a first for me and is VERY frustrating.  I have been working on projects at my new favorite place (Fabricate Studios) and working on another quilt for my Happy Husband.  As we watched TV on Sunday and Monday night I worked on his blocks.  I am really liking everything about the Herringbone block.

Here are today’s pictures:



I have been collecting fabric for my husband.  Every fabric has some type of meaning for him.  It’s going to be really special!  


I had a great idea to use the Herringbone block to make the fold over clutch.  I think I have been bitten by the bag bug.  I am planning to make another fold over clutch tomorrow but this time I will be quilting it!  I am so excited ;0) 


I will do a more detailed post on this block of the month class I am doing.  I am in love with these fabrics. 

I hope you are having a great night!  Until next time, Sew Pretty!



My First Tunic

Hey Guys!

I had a sewing fun-filled weekend!  This saturday I took my first garment class.  I made a tunic!  Here are the pictures:


I used all my brain power making it and was happy to get back to being a Quilter!  LOL  Here is what I worked on this weekend:


I finished sewing up this quilt top…on to the quilting pile. 


I started sewing up Jay’s next quilt. 


Filling up a black “design wall” ….I love that thing! 

So it’s  a new week and I thought I start something new today, here are my weekly goals:

  1. Finish quilting Cloud Song.
  2. Work on Lady’s Stars (more on that later)

That is it for this week!  I hope these goals will keep me honest.  Until next time, Sew Pretty!




Tutorial Trial Thursday

This Post Has been Updated.

The tutorial I used for this project is no longer available. ;0(  BUT there is a pattern for this bag ;0)   Here is the link:


It’s five dollars and totally worth it!


Today’s tutorial comes from WeAllSew.com.  This is a site ran by Bernina and often has free pdf downloads or sew-alongs.  You should check it out!  Well I am in the process of learning how to make a weekender so I though I would keep working at my zipper skills!

Let’s see the results:

  • How long did it take? It took me about an hour and a half.  It came together really quick!  It was amazing!
  • Was it easy to follow? The pdf was easy to read and was written by Mimi Goodwin.  The pdf has lots of picture and clear directions.
  • Do you have any tips? I only had a little felt.  I was able to make two of these fold over clutches in three hours and one of them I just fabric instead of felt.  It was much easier to sew that one.
  • Would you make it again?  Of course I would!  I can see myself making this clutch often!  I love it.

Okay, here is what you have been waiting for the PICTURES!!  Can you tell I am proud ;0)  …and modest!

IMG_0321 IMG_0322

Okay guys, so what do you think?  I am in love!

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



April Goals

Hey Guys,

I have decided to stay with the simple goals or rather goal.  It worked very well for me last month.  Here is my goal:

April Goal

1.  Finish Bentley’s Scrappy Trip Along.

That is all.  I have been hard at work today with the Cloud Song quilt.  Here is my progress.  I really love it!

The amount of appliqué on this quilt was extensive for me but today I got it done!  I love, Love, LOVE this quilt!

The amount of appliqué on this quilt was extensive for me but today I got it done! I love, Love, LOVE this quilt!

So, what do you guys think?  I love it!  I will be adding this quilt to my Esty store, it was super fun to make!  Basting and quilting will be done tomorrow …unless I can’t sleep.  If you have any suggestions for the quilting please share!

Until next time, Sew Pretty!