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Tutorial Trial Thursday

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My Grandmom’s Quilt!  You can read more about this quilt here

Hey Guys!

Today’s tutorial trial is from Stephanie who blogs at Sew With Sass-SKBurton Design.  She created the wonderful St. Louis 16 Patch, which I am currently in love with!  I thought I would put this tutorial on trial so you could be even more encouraged to attempt this block!    I would suggest you read the full tutorial, join the flicker group and follow along on Instagram so you can see what other people are doing.  This quilt comes together incredibly fast and with blow you mind!   Well that is enough of that….let’s get down to business ;0)

Let’s see the results:

  • How long did it take?  To create two blocks, it took exactly 21 min and 16 seconds.  I timed it to further convince you LOL
  • Was it easy to follow? The tutorial has a lot of pictures and clear instructions.  It is really easy to follow and after you do it once, you could really do it with your eyes close …it’s that easy!
  • Do you have any tips? I do have some suggestions for this block and will point them out in the pictures below.
  • Would you make it again?  Well …yes.  I have made three quilts like this already and am heading to a fourth…should I be ashamed?  I really love this block!

Here is what you have been waiting for the eye candy:


You need two fat quarters for two blocks so for this tutorial trial I thought I would time how long that would take.  I am a believer in starch and no steam when I iron.  I starch my fabric before I cut it and then press with just a hot iron as I am sewing it together. This really helped me with this block because the squares are so big you want all points to match.  Before cutting my strips I also square up one edge.  I didn’t do this one time and ended up with a wonky block ;0(


I like to layout what I am doing because I get easily sidetracked.  I finished all my ironing, cutting and sorting in five mins.  I think you will get it done faster because you won’t be taking pictures.


I chained pieced all my strips to speed up the process.


Once I cut my strips I laid them out again.  I have sewed the strips by just grabbing two and ended up with a different pattern.  It seems unlikely but it is possible.  I always pin my seams so I get matching points.  Also, the starch also helps the fabric from slipping keeping your fabric in place.  I finished the first block around 17 minutes.


Finished!  This block is too easy.  I will be back tomorrow with a finished quilt.  If you are following me on Instagram you have already seen some pictures of the pieced back.  I can’t wait to show yall these two quilts tomorrow for two special birthday boys.

Until then, Sew Pretty!


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