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Panic At the Disco

Good Morning!

A couple of months ago I was on Facebook and i saw this picture:

geo patchwork

This quilt is from Urban Outfitters and is super expensive.  It is currently unavailable.  Just the same, I saved the image and decided I wanted to make a quilt.  In December, I went with a friend to Spool and got a 18 fat quarter Shot Cotton bundle.  On the way home, I decided this bundle would be used to create a quilt from my inspiration above.  I then cut all my fat quarters to 6 inch squares and  to draw my quilt top layout.IMG_0496

I then, made the center block.  I made just enough half square triangle units to make the center star.  I put it together and saw some wonky-ness…so I took it apart and trimmed each HST unit to a 5 inch square.  After I put the trimmed blocks together it looked so much better that I trimmed 100 more block down.  To put the quilt together, I used my layout, design wall and time to get it just right.  Here are the results: IMG_0675 IMG_0676 IMG_0678

I may still add a border but for now the top is done!  Last night I was telling my husband what i really liked about the quilt was the chaos around the star.  It makes me think about how I can only control myself and not everything around me.  With that said, I have named this quilt Panic at the Disco, which is a saying my husband and I use in our Special Education classrooms.  Here is an example:

Me:  How was your day at work?

Him:  Panic at the Disco but  I’m good.

Our students can often need so much from us and in the midst of the daily action all you can really do is control yourself and your reactions.  I think that is what makes you a great teacher is your reaction!

I hope you enjoyed my quilt story :0)  Don’t forget to enter my giveaway  as I celebrate my 10th post and  my 1st year in blogging!  Enter here.

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



100th Post Giveaway!

And the winner is Jessica P!  

Hello Everyone,

Today is an important milestone for me.  This post is my 100th post and I feel there should be some celebration, some pomp and circumstance …oh and a giveaway ;0)   I have been blogging now for a year and I must say blogging has been very good for me.  I have almost 300 followers counting Facebook, WordPress and Blog Lovin.  I am so happy that so many of you are willing to read, comment and share with me.  I really enjoy reading all of your comments and am so grateful for the support of the quilting community.


Part of my chores to start the New Year was organizing my scraps.  It was an ordeal people!  I have a lot of scraps.  I have some of every color, so I though a rainbow scrap pack would be a great treat.  All you need to do is to comment in this post by answering the following questions:

What do you think of the new layout?  Do you have any suggestions?

I will choose a winner of the rainbow scrap pack pictured above on Friday.

Until Next time, Sew Pretty!



My Response & A Winner Announced

Hey Guys!

I want to thank each and every one of you who visited my Mom’s blog.  She is super excited about her “new” audience.  If you read her response to the giveaway…I think there are a few things I need to clear up.

  1. I did give away my hat and scarfs but I never gave away my coat.  She would have really been mad then.
  2. I am naturally too nice and had to learn that EVERYONE is not my friend.  Being nice is still important to me!
  3. I do talk a lot!
  4. A friend once told me my super power was Joy.  I am sure she was speaking of my knack for being excited!  I really do use alot of exclamation points in my everyday conversation :0)
  5. Now to explain what my Mom was saying about my hands.  As an infant, I would never let anyone touch my hands.  I would pull them away.  My Mom decided because of this, I would one day do something special with my hands.  Now at the age of 31, quilting seems to be the special thing I do with my hands.

Here is my favorite picture of me and my Mom:


And now on to winner!

2013-07-02 07.28.34 am

Bambi Leigh is our winner!  Yay!!!  Email me with your address and I will pop your fabric in the mail.

Until Next time, Sew Pretty!



Sharing the Love Give-A-Way

Hey guys!

I have been super busy this past week working on a few projects that I will be sharing soon.

Now on to the giveaway.  I have convinced my Mother to blog!  She is really starting to get into blogging and I thought it would be great to get some of you guys to check her out!  With that said, I came up with ….drum roll please….


Here are the rules.  Visit my Mom’s blog!  That all!  Each item below counts as an entry.  If you, visit, comment and follow you get three entries!  How cool is that ;0)

1.  Visit my Mom’s blog The Wonder of Yarrow House

2.  Comment on a Blog Post.  This post would be my favorite.

3.  Follow her blog.

Once, you are done, come back here and comment your entries.  Here is what  you have a chance to win:


These three pretty fat quarters are from Westminster Fabrics.  The collection is called Pirouette.  Arn’t they adorable?  Giveaway closes on Friday.  Winner will be announced on Sunday.

Until Next time, Sew Pretty!