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2014 & January Goals

Hello Everyone!

It’s a  new year full of new possibilities!  Now that I have graduated …I have so much time on my hands.  What else to do but sew and blog!  So here are my goals for 2014:

  1. Finish one work in progress each month.
  2. Embrace garment sewing!
  3. Practice free motion quilting.

Well!  That is enough for one year ;0)   I really want to take my time this year with my sewing and not be in such a rush.  I will not be joining or doing so much but will be very particular in what I am participating in.  I hope that makes sense.

Now that I have been blogging for a year now, I really want to be enjoying this process more and more.  This post is my 99th post, so the next post will include a give away so be on the look out.  I am looking to celebrate every milestone.

My Goals for this month is to finish my son’s quilt.  I will be linking up to the Lovely Year of Finishes.

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



My July Finish

Hey Guys!

This month has really flown by and I have found myself to be pretty busy!  Today’s post is about my Lovely Year of Finishes.  I hope you are already joined in on this goal setting …it really helps me to keep up!  Here is my finish for this month.

My Maple Leaf Rag Wall Hanging

This quilt is not an easy feat!  This is what I had at the beginning of the month.


The maple leaf rag is meant to be made out of scraps.  I tried my best to follow those rules!   The inside of the maple leaf rag is from a low volume bundle I had from West Wood Acres.  Everything else is a scrap, which is very rewarding for me.

I really had to make myself sit down and work on this but let me say…it is tedious but as I finished each block it was rewarding.  I enjoyed making the quilt.   I may …MAY…even make another.


I hope you can see the binding, which was from another quilt I made.  There was just enough to bind this tiny thing.

I decided not to use batting in this quilt but instead quilted it with some flannel I had left over from another quilt.  I quilted it with red thread echoing the spider webs.


Well that is all for now!  If you are looking for things in the mail from me….they are in the mail ;0)

Until Next Time, Sew Pretty!



Friday Finish & Goal Setting

Hey Guys!

Here is a finish for this week.  These quilts are for a friend and my goal to finish for April & May.  I don’t know why it was so hard to get it finished… but it was.

Here is quilt #1


Quilt #2 is my Scrappy Trip Around the World that took me FOREVER to finish.


The back of the quilt has Appliqué of course :0)


This my Goal for Lovely Year of Finishes.  They are hosting a giveaway you may want to check out.  Also, it not too late for you to join in on the fun!  You only have to participate for 6 out of 12 months to be eligible for the big giveaway at the end of year.  So got set your goal!  The picture below is my goal for July.  I want to finished my small Maple Leaf Rag Quilt …wall hanging.  I plan on hanging this tedious work of fabric art in my sewing room.


I will be linking up with all my Friday Links (check the sidebar) if you are visiting please comment!  I would love to come and check you out!

Until next time, Sew Pretty!




My First Tunic

Hey Guys!

I had a sewing fun-filled weekend!  This saturday I took my first garment class.  I made a tunic!  Here are the pictures:


I used all my brain power making it and was happy to get back to being a Quilter!  LOL  Here is what I worked on this weekend:


I finished sewing up this quilt top…on to the quilting pile. 


I started sewing up Jay’s next quilt. 


Filling up a black “design wall” ….I love that thing! 

So it’s  a new week and I thought I start something new today, here are my weekly goals:

  1. Finish quilting Cloud Song.
  2. Work on Lady’s Stars (more on that later)

That is it for this week!  I hope these goals will keep me honest.  Until next time, Sew Pretty!




April Goals

Hey Guys,

I have decided to stay with the simple goals or rather goal.  It worked very well for me last month.  Here is my goal:

April Goal

1.  Finish Bentley’s Scrappy Trip Along.

That is all.  I have been hard at work today with the Cloud Song quilt.  Here is my progress.  I really love it!

The amount of appliqué on this quilt was extensive for me but today I got it done!  I love, Love, LOVE this quilt!

The amount of appliqué on this quilt was extensive for me but today I got it done! I love, Love, LOVE this quilt!

So, what do you guys think?  I love it!  I will be adding this quilt to my Esty store, it was super fun to make!  Basting and quilting will be done tomorrow …unless I can’t sleep.  If you have any suggestions for the quilting please share!

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



Lovely Year of Finishes- March Finish


Hey Guys!

This month’s goal was simple:

March Goal

  1. Get caught up with my Sugar Blocks!

Well I finished!  The block for February was my first attempt at paper piecing….it was tedious and it is not  perfect.  Thank goodness I subscribe to the galloping horse method.  If you are on a horse galloping by my quilt it will LOOK perfect ;0)
IMG_0292 IMG_0262 IMG_0261

After doing these three block I cannot wait to get the pattern for April!  I am also in love with Essex Linen.  I will be back on Monday for my next set of goals and a snap shot of my finishes for the month.  Have a great Easter!

Until next time, Sew Pretty!




January Snapshot & Planning for February


Please read Left to Right: 1. Hexi Kit #1,  2. Pink Rainbow, 3. Sew Stitchy, 4. Your Modern BOM, 5. The “Collection”, 6. Hexi Kit for a Bloggy Friend, 7. A Bird in A Box, EXTRA PICTURE, 8. Your Modern BOM, 9. Cathedral Pin Cushion, 10. Hexi Kit for Mom, 11. Hex on the Beach Progress, 12. White Cupcakes with Lemon Icing, 13. Chevron Desk Mat, 14. Cathedral Pin Cushion for Mom

Hey Guys!

Well it has been a busy month!  Whew!  In all I have finished ten things!  Obviously my time has been abundant.  This month, I will have school, practicum and other activities.  I hope I can keep up the pace!  Now down to the business…

This post will fulfill some requirements:

A Lovely Year of Finishes Goal: This month, I plan to complete Bentley’s quilt set.  The set includs a quilt and burp cloths.  I am also making a quilt for his older brother.

Monthly To do List/Goals:

  1. Get caught up on January blocks
  2. Finishes Starburst Quilt a Long
  3. Have February Block finish
  4. Finish Bentley’s Quilt
  5. Get cutting done for the Pantone Challenge  (I will explain more later)

The above list will be for the Monthly To-Do List with Pigtails and Quilts along with Tracey Jay Quilts Just Three Goals.  I will be linking up this post with both of them.  I will also be linking up with Lily’s Quilts  for her Sew Fresh Day.  Whew!  That was alot!  If you are visiting, Welcome!  If not, go check out their sites! Share the love ;0)

Until next time, Sew Pretty!