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A Quilt for My Mom

Good Morning!

Well, it’s Friday and I have a finish to share with you guys.  My Mom just recently had surgery and the day before her surgery, I received this text from her:

Where is my Blankie?

I made my mother a small quilt when I first started and I felt not only was it time for an update but she would also need something special for her recovery.  So while she was searching her house for her “blankie” I was creating this!


I used a shot cottons Jelly Roll and let me just say these pictures do the quilt NO justice.  This rainbow is  the most stunning rainbow.  If you want to make something similar, it’s too easy!  I finished this quilt in a day!  I pulled off each strip in the order it came in and sewed each strip to each other.  Then I backed it with 2 yards of fabric and a half yard of bias tape.  The backing I chose was  a deep ruby red  and this stunning binding.


I quilted it with Aurifil on my Bernina (Princess Bea).  I love how the quilting thread looks different in each strip of color.

IMG_0644If you want to know more about this quilt, check out my Mom’s blog here.

I will be linking at the blogs on the right along with Crazy Mom Quilts.  Don’t forget to enter my 100th Post Giveaway, here!  Today is the Last day!

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

Hey Guys!

It’s Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day!  This is my second time participating in this and I am happy to be giving away this!


I though I give some of my favorite things, four pink fat quarter snd a good crafty read!

Okay!  Here are the rules!

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Sew Pretty!







I am Back!

Hello Everyone!

I am back in the blogging saddle!  Student teaching is done and as the year is winding down…I will be SEWING!!  So excited about hanging out with my friend Princess Bee again.  Since I have been student teaching a lot has gone on with me.  Of course, I have been making and buying new fabrics…I have so much to share with you guys.  So stay tuned… I will be writing once again daily.

See you tomorrow ;0)

Sew Pretty!



My Birthday Adventure


Hey Guys!

Today is my Birthday!  I know I am getting old because I needed a calculator to tell me how old I was this year.  I couldn’t remember if I was going to be 31 or 32.  The calculator sadly said I was 32 this year.  Oh well!  I decided to make the best of it this year and embrace all the free stuff I could get my hands on.  So let me tell you about my Birthday Adventure.

I woke up late…the sun was already up.  That was amazing.  My husband gave me some money to get my hair done for my birthday and my appointment was at 2:30pm.  I left home around 12 so I could get my first birthday gift.  I went to Cami Cakes (a cupcake place here in Atlanta) for a free cupcake then I walked next door to Fire House Subs and got a free sub!  I know amazing!   There is more.   Next, I went to Lenox Mall and stopped by Sephora for my free birthday gift.  On my way to the car, i walked through Macy’s and they gave me free samples just because…..it was my birthday.  After that, I went to my hair appointment.  This is what my hair looked liked before.



My appointment was at 2:30pm but my hair stylist did not start until almost 3:00  She was behind, very behind.  Just the same, I was determined not to have a bad attitude on my birthday.  It was frustrating …by the time I left my hair appointment it was almost 6pm.  I spent 4 hours there when it normally takes me a hour and a half to get my hair done.  At the end it was worth it when she charged me $50 instead of $80.  YEAAAA!  I was so shocked I was speechless.  Since it was 6pm and I live in Atlanta I had no choice but to browse around Hancock.  I HAD to go…I HAD no CHOICE!  LOL  with my extra hair money I got some batting that was on sale and they gave me a !5% coupon because I am a teacher in training.  I get to use this coupon every time I go, so if you are a teacher go get get your card!  On a whim, I decided to head back to the mall and go to Anthropology, one of my favorite stores and bought this mug.



It was $10 and totally the best gift from my husband’s birthday money.  On my way home, I was hungry so I stopped by Moe’s for my FREE Birthday entrée.   By the way, here is how my hair turned out:



It is pretty humid here so my curls have completely dropped but it is super long and straight!  I am pretty happy with it!  This is me at the container store picking up my last item before I headed home.   I got this bright pink caddy for my sewing cart.  Yesterday, I went out with friends and got a sewing/craft box for my travel sewing machine.  Two additional gifts from my Happy Husband.

My Birthday is not quite over yet, I have a Birthday Stash planned for Saturday and we are heading to a movie tonight and a free meal at iHOP.

I would like to point out this is the first year I have taken advantage of all these freebies.  You can do the same on your birthday by going to this link.

Until Next Time, Sew Pretty!



My Myrtle Beach Week

Hey Guys!

I have been absent…because I was at the beach with my Happy Husband!  I think that is best reason to be absent by the way…LOL!  So what did I do at the beach?…  I went swimming, rode my bike on the beach, ate some great food, laughed  a lot and sewed of course!  Of course I would bring my sewing machine to the beach!   My Happy Husband loves to relax at the beach and I like to be busy.  After the second day of relaxing I was wide open and would wake up at 5am.   I would sew from 5am until the HH got up at 10 or 11am.  While at the beach I made two quilts (one I finished & one I quilted) and starting cutting another.  I know…it crazy but I had so much fun sewing at the beach.  Here are some pictures of all the fun I had and the quilts of course!


Bikes at the beach is a must!  I think next year we will just rent one…driving that far with bikes on the car was not fun.


On Memorial Day, we drove to Quilting at the Beach.  They were closed!  This is the HH pointing and laughing at the “closed” sign.  I went back the next morning and the whole store was on sale… 25%!   Plus they had a clearance section that was CRAZY!

The resort we stayed at was right by Barefoot Landing, where they had TIGERS!  No lions or bears but really cute Tigers and baby cubs.  It was interesting to see them at the beach.

This quilt is for my Grandfather for Father’s Day.  I will tell you more about it soon because it has some special features to it.  I got the tutorial from In Color Order.


I went to Shake N Shake for the first time …I really only remember the Shake!  LOL


Here is the HH riding his bike.  I had to have proof because my Mom would not have believed us otherwise.  IMG_0754

We rode our bikes all the way down the beach ….here we are taking a break.  It was so beautiful out there! IMG_0761

French Toast at Dino’s Pancake House.  This is my Mom’s favorite breakfast place and it is now mine.

IMG_0762Here is the quilt I finished.  This star quilt is so fast!  I finished the top in a day …add some easy quilting and you are done!  That is all for now!  I will be back tomorrow to share my process on planning a quilt.

As Always, Sew Pretty!