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2014 & January Goals

Hello Everyone!

It’s a  new year full of new possibilities!  Now that I have graduated …I have so much time on my hands.  What else to do but sew and blog!  So here are my goals for 2014:

  1. Finish one work in progress each month.
  2. Embrace garment sewing!
  3. Practice free motion quilting.

Well!  That is enough for one year ;0)   I really want to take my time this year with my sewing and not be in such a rush.  I will not be joining or doing so much but will be very particular in what I am participating in.  I hope that makes sense.

Now that I have been blogging for a year now, I really want to be enjoying this process more and more.  This post is my 99th post, so the next post will include a give away so be on the look out.  I am looking to celebrate every milestone.

My Goals for this month is to finish my son’s quilt.  I will be linking up to the Lovely Year of Finishes.

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

Hey Guys!

It’s Sew Mama Sew Giveaway day!  This is my second time participating in this and I am happy to be giving away this!


I though I give some of my favorite things, four pink fat quarter snd a good crafty read!

Okay!  Here are the rules!

  1. Follow my Blog (by subscription or BlogLovin
  2. Follow me on Instagram, my handle is theprettyladybaby
  3. Post below and answer this question:  What types of giveaways do you like to enter in?

While you are on Instagram, check out my #destash sale!

Sew Pretty!






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Sunday Sewing & Giving Thanks

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  There is so much to be thankful for ….If I could name one thing that I was thankful for.   It would be my Mother.  She is my best friend and I am so proud of her for stepping out on faith, believing in herself and  trying new things.  She is now a budding artist and just as I found sewing it seems she has found art.  She is doing new things boldly and I am thankful for that!  Being our Mother is not an easy thing …plus now Candy Crush is NOT ALL she has anymore!  Some of you know my Mom blogs over at The Wonder of Yarrow House, check her out and see her latest project!

Moving on to sewing things!  Be warned this is a LONG POST!  I have been working on a number of things this week.  This Thanksgiving, I did not have the duty of cooking and decided I was going to do nothing but sew.  Sew what I want and catch up on some goal sewing (more on that later).

  • Spoonflower.com Quilt Label:  I decided, after November’s West Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild meeting, that I was ready for some proper labels.  One of our members explained they use Spoonflower to print out her labels so I asked Google if there were any tutorials on this subject and her (Google) response was this link from Jay Bird Quilts.  She even gives you a template.  I did not use the template but instead used Pages to make my label.  I took a screen shot of my label and uploaded it to Spoonflower.com.  It was really too easy!  I purchased a fat quarter for like $10 buck and got 30 labels.  Pretty cool hun?  Once it get’s here I will let you know how it works. Here is the picture.  2013-11-30 03.35.34 pm
  • Noodlehead Cargo Duffle:  Noodlehead just published a new FREE pattern (here) and I thought I would try it out.  I would like to thank Diana & Allegory (from Fabricate Studios) for being great teachers.  Their instruction is the only reason I was able to finished the bag (according to the directions).  I did not follow the pattern to the tee but at the end it was still a bag and very similar to the pattern.


    I did not finish it like she suggest but instead boxed the corners.                                                                                                          My husband thinks it will make a good diaper bag… I may just put it up for that time.  

  • Gypsy Wife Quilt Pattern:  I have the new Dowry fabric from Anna Marie Horner and purchased the coordinating solids along the with Gypsy Wife pattern from Westwood Acres Fabric.  This shop belongs to Amanda from A Crafty Fox and she is amazing!  Fast shipping and a great selection.  I have completed 7 blocks already but here is a picture of the first three:



  • The Cat Quilt Along:  Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Frannson! is running a Cat Quilt Along.  Everyday she is going to post a tutorial for a cat block.  There are 25 blocks and each one is named.  The cat below is named Ferdinand.  I went ahead and purchased the pattern because I am making this as a Christmas present for my God Mother who loves cats!   I also decided to enlarge the blocks to 15 inch blocks instead of the 6 1/2 inch block the pattern makes.  I hope these large blocks don’t scare my Pammy’s kittens!   Here is my first block: IMG_0364

Wow!  That was a lot!  I will keep you posted on the progress ;0)

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



A Gift for My Teachers

Good Morning People!

After, I finished this semester, I had to give a gift to the people who supported me through this ordeal  Student teaching is HARD and I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Let me tell you the 10 things I learned in Pre-K

  1. I am out of shape.  To be in a Pre-K class you have to Move it, Move it.   You have to …MOVE IT!!
  2. I need to get in shape.
  3. Germs are dangerous.  The germs in Pre-K are VERY dangerous and have the ability to just knock you down
  4. Keep an eye on what is under foot.  After being there a month, I sprained my ankle during BUS DUTY!
  5. Go to work no matter what!  I learned that people still work when they are hurt and/or sick.  (in the Army, you stay at home)  Pre-K is a time sensitive situation.  Every student needs you to be there everyday in order to succeed.
  6. Teaching makes you forget.  There are so many things you need for school.  Maybe you get an idea in the middle of the night…make a designated spot for all those ideas to rest or you will drive away without them.
  7. Kids do remember.  Unlike your own children, your students remember EVERY idea, suggestion, promise you MAY have said, so please set a reminder so you don’t forget.
  8. Parents are like the Lotto.  Today could be YOUR day!  I LEARNED to be clear and consistent with parents.  Communicate often and stand your ground.
  9. Eight hours is the Key!  To make it through the day, you need eight hours.  There is no way around it, so if you have to sleep from 6 in the evening and get up at 2 in the morning.  Do it!
  10. Be proactive not reactive.  Take vitamins, drink water and carry tissues with you everyday.  You are not sick …you are FIGHTING a cold.

Ha!  I know it seemed like I did not learn anything about teaching ….I did!  I promise.  Those were highlights ;0)

I was fortunate enough to be with two amazing teachers and a supportive Paraprofessional.  They were patient, kind and clear about their expectation of me.  They answered all my (many) questions and helped me be more reflective about my teaching skills.  In turn, I spent some time doing my labor of love for them.  I tricked each of them in telling me their favorite colors and worked a little each day on my quilt tops.   Here is the picture.

This quilt was for my supervising teacher.  She liked fall colors.  I really love this pattern and love how in one spot you can see a purple cross. It is really stunning.  You can see in the second picture the quilting and my crazy binding.


This binding is so not me…but perfect for this quilt.


So sorry for all the progress pictures but, I was super busy and gave the quilts away without taking any finished pictures.  Oh well…this quilt was made with all cotton coutures purchased at Bloomerie Fabrics.  This fabric is amazing to work with…if you haven’t tried it..please do!
IMG_0289I love how the quilting made these perfect little stars.


The quilt is a log cabin made with cotton couture once again and is so much prettier in person.  IMG_0315Here is the snap shot of the binding and the backing.  I think it is really cheerful. 

Well that is all for now.  Until tomorrow.  Sew Pretty!



I am Back!

Hello Everyone!

I am back in the blogging saddle!  Student teaching is done and as the year is winding down…I will be SEWING!!  So excited about hanging out with my friend Princess Bee again.  Since I have been student teaching a lot has gone on with me.  Of course, I have been making and buying new fabrics…I have so much to share with you guys.  So stay tuned… I will be writing once again daily.

See you tomorrow ;0)

Sew Pretty!



New Month… New Goals & A Catch Up Post

Disclaimer!  This post is very long…grab a cup of tea and some cookies ;0) 

Hello Everyone!

September is here!  The best part of September is fall ….is coming, hopefully.   Currently it seems as if summer came back or rather finally arrived here in Atlanta.  But anyway… I am here to set my goal for this month’s Lovely Year of Finishes and show yall some pictures.    Here we go!

My goal for this month is to finish all my scrappy trip around the world blocks for the Scrappy Trip Around The World Bee.  If you don’t know about this bee you should check it out!  

I am also in a fabric swap  called F8 fabric swap group AND it’s currently open for this months Stripes swap.  Check it out and please join in!

So what have I been up to?  I think the best way to address this is to write a list.

  1. Student Teaching  I have been busy!  Pre-K kids know how to have fun!  I am with two wonderful teachers who are teaching me the ropes.  I am about to start week 4 and on Wednesday and I will be doing my first observation.   Maybe because this is my last semester or maybe I am feeling more confident but I am excited for my Professor to see my growth.  Very excited.  I will be teaching a lesson on Construction workers and we are making a construction zone for the kids…very exciting things people!
  2. Sewing  I have been sewing!  I am working on quite a few things and making small projects in between.  I only have about an hour to sew everyday but I really enjoy myself for that hour.  It has been great!  If you are not following me on Instagram you should!  I am posting there often.   My user name is Prettyladybaby of course!  Follow me and I will follow you back.
  3. Awards  I was nominated for an blog award.  If you nominated me…I have not forgotten.  It is on my list.
  4. Reading  I am currently reading Quilting Happiness by Christina Lane and Diane Gilleland.  I suggest you purchase this book!  It is amazing and I cannot wait to get started on some of the quilting in here.  Very exciting book!
  5. Fabricate Studios   If you don’t know, I spend a lot of time there.   I am a member there, I hang out there, I create there and I often have little kiddo’s sewing with me there.  We have a good time people!  If you live in Atlanta you should come check it out!

Here are some pictures for you!

2013-09-07 10.51.01 pm

Herringbone Birthday Quilt 

This quilt is a repeat quilt for me.  I have made the Herringbone quilt block from Bijou Lovely’s tutorial.   I made this quilt for my husband’s birthday and each fabric has a special connection to him.  I will do a more detail post about this quilt one day…  Promise ;0)  I really love how it turned out.  I think it is the most modern, beautiful, perfect quilt I have ever made.  I made a lot of choices in placement and I think it paid off.  What do you think?  2013-09-07 10.50.17 pm

The Super Tote!  

This bag made from Noodle Head’s pattern and I LOVE IT!  I will be making these for my Etsy store so look out!  l am currently carrying the one below!  It is made with Echino.  I wish I took pictures of the inside.  There are pockets in the lining that are so pretty and fun to make.  So if you decide to try it …DO THE POCKETS!  They are the best part of the bag.. I promise!

2013-09-07 10.49.43 pm

Here is my second Super Tote and I have already sold it!  I went to the Orthodontist for a check up and he saw mine, love it then asked if I could make one for his daughter!  Amazing right?  Right! 2013-09-07 10.49.23 pm

The Michelle Card Wallet

This is a pattern I purchased online and I love making it!

2013-09-07 10.48.53 pm

I am a member of the West Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild and we recently participated in a challenge with our sister guild the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild.   How big is Atlanta, I know you are wondering.  Atlanta is not really big, per say, but everything is twenty minutes or more away plus traffic is bad.  My guild is the guild INSIDE the perimeter of Atlanta and the Atlanta guild is on the outskirts of the perimeter of Atlanta.  Anyway…this was my submission for the Quilt Block Throw Down challenge.  We were suppose to create a modern version of a Log Cabin block.  I feel for me…my block is all about placement.  It is purposefully placed and full of color! 2013-09-07 10.48.22 pm

iPad Cover

I also got this pattern from Michelle Patterns.  It just comes as pattern pieces.  So good luck!  I am sure you will figure it out …LOL  This case is for my son who needed one for school.  It matches is bag I made plus the Jay McCarrol print is perfect for him because he is an Artist!
2013-09-07 10.47.57 pm

Circle, Square Triangle, Rectangle…. Square Quilt

I made this quilt for my Pre’K class.  Is is currently called the Kind Quilt.  This quilt was inspired by a YouTube video the kids watched during the shape unit on my first week.  I needed to make a quilt to go with the story I read called, The Quilt by Anne Jones.  Great story for the kiddos.   Anyway, I went home singing this song.  I sang it all day Saturday and by the end of the day I had a quilt top made of nothing but scraps!  The lesson went great too by the way!

2013-09-07 10.47.37 pm

Zippered Pouch

I made these this week.  One is for me and the other for my husband.   Purposeful and a great way to end the day.
2013-09-07 10.47.07 pm

High Street Messenger Tote

I made this bag this week in class at Fabricate Studio’s    The pictures really do it no justice.  It is beautiful and made from all Ikea fabric.  This pattern is by Amy Butler and needs translation.  We all know how wordy Amy is!  Any who, it is a fun bag to make and it comes together in an really cool way.  2013-09-07 10.46.42 pm


That is all for now!  Check me out on Instagram if you can and as always… Sew Pretty!