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A Finish & A New Beginning

**Disclaimer:  Excuse the exclamation points…(I am really this excitable in real life!) but this quilt is a quilting milestone for me**

Hey Guys!

Well, I have finished Mayven’s Pink Rainbow (MPR)!  Here are all the pictures..notice the orange binding.

Front of MPR

Front of MPR.  I really love the binding choice.  This picture really does it no justice!  This is the first time I did straight line quilting like this and I can seriously see me doing it again!

Mayven's Pink Rainbow

Back of MPR

Back of MPR.  The appliqué really turned out perfect here….I still cannot believe that I beat that appliqué monster.  

This is the first time I did quilting like this.  I did not imagine it making the quilt look so dramatic

I know my lines could have been MORE uniformed but I love the imperfect lines…it is perfect with my HSTs.  I did not imagine it making the quilt look so dramatic…this quilt is really special! Below is a better picture of the binding…;0) 

Mayven's Pink Rainbow Mayven's Pink Rainbow

I am absolutely in LOVE with the straight line quilting!

This quilt has been a dream come true and surged me with even more energy to do more new things! 

I finished MPR on Sunday and Mayven absolutely loved her new quilt!  Her Dad said she went to sleep under it after church…  There is nothing more rewarding then having someone LOVE something you made for them.

After I finished that quilt, I was stumped with what to start on next….I have two projects that are due at the end of the month and then the Happy Husband made a request for a co-worker….with a promise of more fabric…what else COULD I say but SURE!  So, her is what I am working on this week…here a picture:

I will show more tomorrow!

I will show more tomorrow!

Alright, that is all for tonight, until next time…

Sew Pretty!