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Sunday Sewing & Giving Thanks

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  There is so much to be thankful for ….If I could name one thing that I was thankful for.   It would be my Mother.  She is my best friend and I am so proud of her for stepping out on faith, believing in herself and  trying new things.  She is now a budding artist and just as I found sewing it seems she has found art.  She is doing new things boldly and I am thankful for that!  Being our Mother is not an easy thing …plus now Candy Crush is NOT ALL she has anymore!  Some of you know my Mom blogs over at The Wonder of Yarrow House, check her out and see her latest project!

Moving on to sewing things!  Be warned this is a LONG POST!  I have been working on a number of things this week.  This Thanksgiving, I did not have the duty of cooking and decided I was going to do nothing but sew.  Sew what I want and catch up on some goal sewing (more on that later).

  • Spoonflower.com Quilt Label:  I decided, after November’s West Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild meeting, that I was ready for some proper labels.  One of our members explained they use Spoonflower to print out her labels so I asked Google if there were any tutorials on this subject and her (Google) response was this link from Jay Bird Quilts.  She even gives you a template.  I did not use the template but instead used Pages to make my label.  I took a screen shot of my label and uploaded it to Spoonflower.com.  It was really too easy!  I purchased a fat quarter for like $10 buck and got 30 labels.  Pretty cool hun?  Once it get’s here I will let you know how it works. Here is the picture.  2013-11-30 03.35.34 pm
  • Noodlehead Cargo Duffle:  Noodlehead just published a new FREE pattern (here) and I thought I would try it out.  I would like to thank Diana & Allegory (from Fabricate Studios) for being great teachers.  Their instruction is the only reason I was able to finished the bag (according to the directions).  I did not follow the pattern to the tee but at the end it was still a bag and very similar to the pattern.


    I did not finish it like she suggest but instead boxed the corners.                                                                                                          My husband thinks it will make a good diaper bag… I may just put it up for that time.  

  • Gypsy Wife Quilt Pattern:  I have the new Dowry fabric from Anna Marie Horner and purchased the coordinating solids along the with Gypsy Wife pattern from Westwood Acres Fabric.  This shop belongs to Amanda from A Crafty Fox and she is amazing!  Fast shipping and a great selection.  I have completed 7 blocks already but here is a picture of the first three:



  • The Cat Quilt Along:  Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Frannson! is running a Cat Quilt Along.  Everyday she is going to post a tutorial for a cat block.  There are 25 blocks and each one is named.  The cat below is named Ferdinand.  I went ahead and purchased the pattern because I am making this as a Christmas present for my God Mother who loves cats!   I also decided to enlarge the blocks to 15 inch blocks instead of the 6 1/2 inch block the pattern makes.  I hope these large blocks don’t scare my Pammy’s kittens!   Here is my first block: IMG_0364

Wow!  That was a lot!  I will keep you posted on the progress ;0)

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



Book Review of The Practical Guide to Patchwork

Hi Guys!

I am so excited to share this book review with you!


This wonderful book is by Elizabeth Hartman, who blogs over at Oh Fransson.com, and I absolutely love this book!  First of all, let me say…I am very much a beginner quilter and there are still questions floating around my head.  I often look at my piecing and wonder if I am doing this right.  Well, this book answered most of my questions and gave me a better understanding of the process of quilting.

This book is broken into 4 sections

  • The Basics    This sections really covers everything you should know as you are starting on the quilting journey.  As I read this section, I found myself realizing just HOW MUCH I was doing wrong!  I felt good when I went back to my projects because I was more confident in my quilting.  
  • Projects to Get You Started  These projects are simples but very interesting designs.  There are three projects in each sections and I found myself wanting to do all three.  These projects also helped me understand how to read the patterns.  
  • Projects for Confident Beginner  There are also three projects in this section.  All are interesting but not overwhelming in the directions.
  • Intermediate-Level Projects  I really liked the patterns in this section especially the “Birdbath” project which I may make for my husband.  

I also, in the past, have been intimidated by quilt patterns.  Elizabeth’s instructions are clear and concise and she even gives quick reminders or redirects you back to previous instruction just in case you did not “get it” the first time.  With that said, she provides 12 Quilt Projects and I plan on doing the following (at some time):

  1. Fenced In
  2. Snapshots
  3. Small Plates
  4. Valentine
  5. Superstar
  6. Birdbath

I would indeed suggest this book to any new quilter like me!  As proof in my understanding, here is my very best quilt so far:


I have named this quilt “64 Reasons I Love You.”  There are 64 squares!  I will be posting about this quilt tomorrow and all I am currently working on.  I am working on a lot!  I also just purchased some fabric and received some great sewing Christmas gifts.

I do have some reminders ….or suggestions for you.  First of all, register for the Spoonflower Giveaway (Here) and to check out Elizabeth Hartman’s Blogger Choice set of fabric over at the Fat Quarter Shop (Here).

Until Tomorrow! Quilt Pretty!