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Book Review

Book Review

Hey Guys!

I am finally ready to do a review on this book!  Little Bits Quilting Bee by Kathreen Ricketson is a wonderful book.  What I like about it the most is that I want to make almost every project in this book.  Every quilt is made of nothing but pre-cuts and after reading each one seems to come together really fast.  I highly recommend this book for a new beginner or for the last minute quilt..  Every project is beautiful and if you are interested in finding out more about the author you can go to her blo, http://www.whipupp.net..

Well not only did I want to tell you about the book, I thought i would make something out of it also!  This project is a two for one deal because I will be making this project for a little girl and also submitting this quilt into project quilting lastest challenge!  I have finished all of the cutting and have completed the first row!  The quilt is called Cloud song and we are suppose to make something that reminds us of spring.  Well it does.  April showers bring May flowers!!  Here are some pictures of course:

I hope to be back later today with a complete quilt top.  After all….the finish quilt has to be done by Sunday!  Have a great da, you guys …..until next time, Sew Pretty!



My Amazing Winning Monday!


Hey Guys,

I have some great news today! I won a prize from Project Quilting!  How cool is that!  I am a random drawing prize winner.  I won $25 off long arm quilting at Quilts By Barb.  I went to her website, she does beautiful work.  But wait, that is not all!  Stacy Day contacted me from Stacey In Stitches contacted me because I won a fat quarter bundle! Here is what is coming in the mail:

Original Source:  Stacy in Stitches

Original Source: Stacy in Stitches

I really love all that HELLO YELLOW coming my way!   I have also won a blog award.  I know, who would have guessed!


I was nominated by Michelle from Mishell Soup.   There are a number of things I have to do for this award, one of them being to nominate other bloggers.  I am taking this task very seriously, so please check back later this week for that post.  Thanks Michelle!  I am really honored you picked my tiny little quilting blog! ;0)

Until Next Time, Sew Pretty!



Pink Rainbow Completed

Pink Rainbow

Hey Guys!

I have been a bit busy working on this quilt for Project Quilting.  I must say I am very satisfied with the final product.  Here are some more pictures of the beautiful butterfly, roses, twizzler filled Pink Rainbow!

(Back)  I really love the pink and orange bikes!

Pink Rainbow, Back view

Close up of the back so you can see those pretty bikes!Pink Rainbow, back view

Here is another front view.Pink Rainbow

Here is the quilt folded.  The dimension of the quilt is 60 inches by 60 inches, perfect for the couch! Pink Rainbow

If you want to see more of the project quilting submission you can go here.  There will be a drawing tonight…hopefully I will win something if not….maybe next time!

On to other business!

I have a confession… I am behind on my sewing.  I wonder how many of you are saying….I knew THAT would happen!  What can I say, if anything I dream BIG.  Tomorrow, I will be planning out what I WILL get done before the end of the month.  I also have updated my year of finishes and I am up to SIX!  How cool is that!

I will be linking up this post to Plum and June for Let’s Get Acquainted Monday, Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday and Better Off Thread for Sew Cute Tuesday.  If you are visiting from there please comment!  I love comments! ;0) That is all for now… until next time, Sew Pretty!



Work In Progress

Hey Guys!

I have been busy today! I started the day by pressing all of my pink and white squares for project quilting. Then, I made sure all of my squares were exactly 5 inches by 5 inches. Slow work but really worth it once it’s time to sew. Around 2pm I took a break and decided to cook dinner. Dinner tonight was fried chicken, salad and potato salad. On a whim, I made some cupcakes with lemon butter cream. They were sooo good! Here is a picture.



After cooking, I went to Whipstitch to hang out with my sewing buddies and draw a diagonal line on all of those squares. Talking and snacking sure does make the time fly!  Plus I had a friend helping me, Thanks D ;0).  Here are some pictures of the process.

Slow but worthy work for a quilter.

Slow but worthy work for a quilter.

Squares waiting for lines

You cannot imagine how many times I drew this line!

You cannot imagine how many times I drew this line!

Stack of Pink and White squares ready to be stitched up!

Stack of Pink and White squares ready to be stitched up!

Tomorrow, I will be sewing the quilt top up.  I have decided this quilt will be for me!  That is my work in progress for now.  For that reason I will be linking up to WIP at Freshly Pieced.  If you are visiting from there, Welcome!  I hope you take the time to look around and comment!  I love comments!

Until, next time Sew Pretty!



My Pink Rainbow



Hey Guys!

Today I went to Whipstitch and cut into my fabric!  Doesn’t it look like a PINK RAINBOW???  If you can’t see it now …you will tomorrow.  I have cut enough squares to make something for myself and maybe a special little girl on my list …who knows!  Below is my sketch for my quilt.  I know this is a very simple HST arrangement but I always do better when I have something to follow!



Tomorrow I will be back at Whipstitch to start sewing together my HSTs!  I really, really love this fabric and can’t wait to let you see more!  Have a great night!

Sew Pretty!



Project Quilting #2 My Favorite Color

Hello Guys!

I am so happy to be posting again.  I have been feeling under the weather the past three days….so happy to be up and about.  I woke up today around 2pm, feeling better …when I suddenly remember TODAY the second challenge will be posted.  So, I headed over to Persimon Dreams to find out what the challenge was.  Well, it is all about your favorite color.  My favorite color is PINK!  I love pink!  This week you can make anything that has your favorite color coupled with white.  I knew exactly want I wanted to work with.  My quilt shop has this beautiful fabric that has a gradient effect, starting with a dark color then fading into a lighter version of that color.  It is sooo pretty!  The fabric literally has every shade of pink in it!  Here are my fabric choices:


I am using the print as my background fabric.  I think I am going to make a zig zag quilt.  Depending on how much I like it…I may have to keep this for myself!  We will see!

Once again, I am so happy to be posting again.  I will keep you all updating about what is going on here …Oh I have one more thing to share.  I have officially moved into my sewing room.  I will be posting about it soon.  Do any of you guys have your own sewing room?  Would you share your thought on the flow of the room?  I have been re arranging my furniture in my head all day!  Until next time, Sew Pretty!

~ Kare


Project Quilting Completed…


Hey Guys!

I know I have been very quiet these past few days ..but that is because I have been busy creating a square within a square!  May I present to you my entry into Project Quilting ….A  Car Seat Quilt… that has the perfect name of  “A Bird in a Box.”


The size of my quilt is 27 inches by 27 inches.  I would say I have been through a long creative process.  This block started to be a bag for another quilt I am making but I absolutely loved the way the block turned out and decided to give this block a greater purpose.

Here is a picture of the back….


I created the back from scrap I had of the collection.  If you are also doing a Lovely Year of Finishes.   I am making a set of baby items for one of my teachers at school.  This will also be in the set of baby items I am making.  If you notice, there are two ties on the back of the quilt.  These ties are meant to be tied to the handle of the car seat to keep the baby covered.  Isn’t that clever!

Here’s a close up…


I decided to name the quilt ” A Bird in the Box” because I attempted to put one complete sketch of a bird in some of my squares.  Here a close up…


Arn’t they cute.  There is one more thing I have to say…This quilt was made in Atlanta, GA by Me…Kerrie Porter.

I really hope you enjoy my quilt as it is my hope a little girl will one day also!  Until next time, Sew Pretty!