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It will have to wait until tomorrow…

Hey Guys!

Well, I have been working on this quilt most of the day and I was ready to baste this pretty thing and guess what?  No batting!  It will have to wait until tomorrow.  I am so disappointed, because I would have started quilting tonight.  Oh well..here are some picture of the quilt top and the pieced back.  I used every single scrap from the block to piece together the back.  It was very freeing working with all those scraps!

It can wait until morning

Here is the finished quilt top!  I really love the outside border.  I think it frames it perfectly.  I will be calling this quilt Spumoni.  Spumoni is an Italian ice cream that has pistachio, chocolate and cherry ice cream together.  In one of the classes I am taking, the teacher suggested the ice cream flavor and I think it is perfect! 

It can wait until moring

Here is my pile of scraps….there was so much I could not toss it aside.  It was really fun making something out of nothing! 


I made my scraps fit into a log cabin!


Here is a picture of the quilt back.  

Well, that is all for tonight or this morning ;0) Until next time,

Sew Pretty!