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My Response & A Winner Announced

Hey Guys!

I want to thank each and every one of you who visited my Mom’s blog.  She is super excited about her “new” audience.  If you read her response to the giveaway…I think there are a few things I need to clear up.

  1. I did give away my hat and scarfs but I never gave away my coat.  She would have really been mad then.
  2. I am naturally too nice and had to learn that EVERYONE is not my friend.  Being nice is still important to me!
  3. I do talk a lot!
  4. A friend once told me my super power was Joy.  I am sure she was speaking of my knack for being excited!  I really do use alot of exclamation points in my everyday conversation :0)
  5. Now to explain what my Mom was saying about my hands.  As an infant, I would never let anyone touch my hands.  I would pull them away.  My Mom decided because of this, I would one day do something special with my hands.  Now at the age of 31, quilting seems to be the special thing I do with my hands.

Here is my favorite picture of me and my Mom:


And now on to winner!

2013-07-02 07.28.34 am

Bambi Leigh is our winner!  Yay!!!  Email me with your address and I will pop your fabric in the mail.

Until Next time, Sew Pretty!



My Tsuru Weekender

Hey Guys!

Well, I have made a milestone in my sewing!  I finished my weekender.  I FINISHED MY WEEKENDER!!!!!  I am a bit excited over ….just a little LOL!  I took a class with the wonderful Al from A Thousand Needles at my favorite spot in Atlanta, Fabricate Studios.   I decided to forgo all the Peltex and instead opted for the quilt as you go method.   I have heard many horror stories about this bag and let me tell you…I had a few moments that I needed to walk away from it but I never threw it….So kudos to me ;0)  I honestly enjoyed every stage of this bag and was crazy enough to cut out along with quilting two bags.  One is for me and the other is for my Mother in Law.  I will show you the quilted panels of her bag…as I am all out of Jean Needles (which are needed for construction).

For my bag, my fabric choice was Tsuru by Rashida Coleman Hale.  If you remember my Dot Dot Dash bag,  I made both bags to match so I would have a set for traveling.  Pretty cool, hun?   I really love the Tsuru collection.  It’s bright cheerful and sooo me.  I added some pearl bracelets in pink and yellow along with essex linen in Chambray and a Kona solid.

Here is a picture from the bag being in progress, once I completed all the quilt as you go panels.    I used the  Bloomin’ quilt as you go tutorial from Let’s Eat Grandpa as a guide.  I really like how it turned out.


Here are the panels from my other bag.   These panels came together very fast because I made blocks that I then quilted down.  For the bigger panels, I used my beloved Alexander Henry Bistro fabric.  I just could not cut it up ….it’s too perfect!  Plus my Mother in Law loved it so much she got a yard herself just for this project.  For the pocket panels, I created a jeweled heart because she loves Jewelry.    IMG_0856And now for the big reveal!


Everything is not perfect about the bag, but over all I think it’s pretty perfect. LOL.  We will see how the next one turns out once I get some Jean needles.


I will be linking up to Sew Cute Tuesday and Fabric Tuesday today.  If you are visiting from there, please leave a comment so I can go check you out!

Until next time, Sew Pretty!





Words for Pop Pop

Hey Guys!

Sunday is Father’s Day and today I will be putting a special present in the mail.  I had this great idea to make a quilt for my Grandfather.  I ask members of my family to give me a word that described my Pop Pop to them.  I then took some of those words and embroidered them onto the back of the quilt.   With some help from my Mom, I was able to put all my words for Pop Pop in good use.  This project was fun to do and filled my TV time with purpose. Below are more pictures enjoy!


I used Wonder Under to attached the embroidery to the back of the quilt.  Then I used a zig zag stitch out a wonky star that imitates the large star on the front of the quilt.  IMG_0822

Here is the quilt front quilted and binded.  I love the green binding!

2013-06-14 09.56.32 amAs always, Until next time… Sew Pretty!



My Myrtle Beach Week

Hey Guys!

I have been absent…because I was at the beach with my Happy Husband!  I think that is best reason to be absent by the way…LOL!  So what did I do at the beach?…  I went swimming, rode my bike on the beach, ate some great food, laughed  a lot and sewed of course!  Of course I would bring my sewing machine to the beach!   My Happy Husband loves to relax at the beach and I like to be busy.  After the second day of relaxing I was wide open and would wake up at 5am.   I would sew from 5am until the HH got up at 10 or 11am.  While at the beach I made two quilts (one I finished & one I quilted) and starting cutting another.  I know…it crazy but I had so much fun sewing at the beach.  Here are some pictures of all the fun I had and the quilts of course!


Bikes at the beach is a must!  I think next year we will just rent one…driving that far with bikes on the car was not fun.


On Memorial Day, we drove to Quilting at the Beach.  They were closed!  This is the HH pointing and laughing at the “closed” sign.  I went back the next morning and the whole store was on sale… 25%!   Plus they had a clearance section that was CRAZY!

The resort we stayed at was right by Barefoot Landing, where they had TIGERS!  No lions or bears but really cute Tigers and baby cubs.  It was interesting to see them at the beach.

This quilt is for my Grandfather for Father’s Day.  I will tell you more about it soon because it has some special features to it.  I got the tutorial from In Color Order.


I went to Shake N Shake for the first time …I really only remember the Shake!  LOL


Here is the HH riding his bike.  I had to have proof because my Mom would not have believed us otherwise.  IMG_0754

We rode our bikes all the way down the beach ….here we are taking a break.  It was so beautiful out there! IMG_0761

French Toast at Dino’s Pancake House.  This is my Mom’s favorite breakfast place and it is now mine.

IMG_0762Here is the quilt I finished.  This star quilt is so fast!  I finished the top in a day …add some easy quilting and you are done!  That is all for now!  I will be back tomorrow to share my process on planning a quilt.

As Always, Sew Pretty!






A Week of Sewing & More

Hey Guys!

Last week was a great week for me!  I did a lot of sewing, celebrated my 3 year wedding anniversary and spent the weekend celebrating my Daddy’s birthday!  Be warned this post may be a bit long ;0)  I have a lot of pictures to share.

On Monday, I started my Dot Dot Dash Bag class at Fabricate Studios (my most favorite place in the world).  I will be finishing that bag tonight in class, so i will be show you that tomorrow!  The bag is by Sew Sweetness, you should go check out her blog to see more about that.


On Wednesday, I celebrated my 3 year wedding anniversary.  I think we are getting old because we kept it really simple, opting to see a special early preview of Star Trek into Darkness along with some ice cream and cookies.  It was still very special just the same.

On Thursday, I had my guild meeting, The West Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild.  It was fun seeing everyone’s projects and sharing mine too.  Show and Tell is one thing that I loved about kindergarten and I love it even more at guild. LOL

On Friday, I hit the road to spend the weekend with my family.   I went with sewing machine, mat, notions and my collection of Shelburne falls to make a sewing bag with my Mom.  I printed out the Aeroplane Bag Pattern by Sew Sweetness and well, here are the pictures…along with some more for fun.



Although we used the pattern, when it was time to box the bottom of the bag, she did not want to do it.  What could I say but sure Mom!  She loved it but I think next time we will make a simpler project.  Below is the inside of the bag.


After finishing my Mom’s bag, I decided to work on my panels for my bag.  I finished the B panels, handle and then packed it up.  I will finish this bag once I get back to Fabricate.  What do you guys think?  I will be posting a pattern review once I finish it….hopefully this week!



Along with sewing, I had a great time with my son.  This kid is too funny sometimes.  We watched kid soaps on the Disney Channel, rode bikes, had breakfast at McDonalds and even picked me out a new bike…when we realized mine was put together wrong.


You can’t see it in the picture but my bike was missing a bolt on the wheel and something was wrong with the gears.  Walmart was amazing because they attempted to fix it …then later let me exchange it for another bike.

On Sunday, it was my Dad’s birthday and my brother and his wife came to the party.  We never get to see each other, my sister in law in I ….she is really crafty too!  Once she got there, I pulled out my sewing machine again and whipped out the fold over clutch for her.

Isn’t it amazing!  We made it quilt as you go since, I had extra canvas.  I think I may make myself one today…maybe!  That is all for now….I am back home with my Happy Husband and two very sleepy dogs.

Until next time, Sew Pretty!



Friday Finish & Winner Announced

Hey Guys!

I have been really busy this week working on two quilts for two birthday boys!  These boys are the children of my friends Maya and Steven.  I have only finished binding one but i am in need of a nap and I will be back tomorrow to show the second quilt.  The quilt is designed from the St. Louis 16 Patch and if you don’t know what that is you should go read the tutorial trial on the St. Louis 16 Patch.  Here are the pictures:

Here is the quilt top.  The fabric is from Shore Thing which was purchased at the Fat Quarter Shop.  I quilted the quilt with straight line quilting in a double line grid pattern.  The pictures do not do the quilting justice..;0(  I did all the quilting with silver aurifil thread (My favorite for quilting) and binded the quilt with a Bella solid.  I picked this sandy brown fabric because it made me think of the beach.


The back of the quilt has raw edge appliqué.   I used scraps from the block to create the base of the quilt back.  I also used scraps that I sewed together to cut out the letters and ship …making patchwork letters.  I think it’s super cool!IMG_0616

Here is a picture of both quilts folded waiting for binding.


Alright, well now it’s time to announce a winner for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway!  Here is what Mr. Random said:

2013-05-10 09.03.07 pm

That would make our winner….Ms. Anita!  Congratulations!  I will be emailing you shortly!2013-05-10 09.10.26 pm

Thanks if you decided to join in on the fun!  I will be linking this post to Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday , if you are visiting from there…Welcome ;0)  Please leave a comment so I can visit your blog!

Until Next Time, Sew Pretty!


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Tutorial Trial Thursday


My Grandmom’s Quilt!  You can read more about this quilt here

Hey Guys!

Today’s tutorial trial is from Stephanie who blogs at Sew With Sass-SKBurton Design.  She created the wonderful St. Louis 16 Patch, which I am currently in love with!  I thought I would put this tutorial on trial so you could be even more encouraged to attempt this block!    I would suggest you read the full tutorial, join the flicker group and follow along on Instagram so you can see what other people are doing.  This quilt comes together incredibly fast and with blow you mind!   Well that is enough of that….let’s get down to business ;0)

Let’s see the results:

  • How long did it take?  To create two blocks, it took exactly 21 min and 16 seconds.  I timed it to further convince you LOL
  • Was it easy to follow? The tutorial has a lot of pictures and clear instructions.  It is really easy to follow and after you do it once, you could really do it with your eyes close …it’s that easy!
  • Do you have any tips? I do have some suggestions for this block and will point them out in the pictures below.
  • Would you make it again?  Well …yes.  I have made three quilts like this already and am heading to a fourth…should I be ashamed?  I really love this block!

Here is what you have been waiting for the eye candy:


You need two fat quarters for two blocks so for this tutorial trial I thought I would time how long that would take.  I am a believer in starch and no steam when I iron.  I starch my fabric before I cut it and then press with just a hot iron as I am sewing it together. This really helped me with this block because the squares are so big you want all points to match.  Before cutting my strips I also square up one edge.  I didn’t do this one time and ended up with a wonky block ;0(


I like to layout what I am doing because I get easily sidetracked.  I finished all my ironing, cutting and sorting in five mins.  I think you will get it done faster because you won’t be taking pictures.


I chained pieced all my strips to speed up the process.


Once I cut my strips I laid them out again.  I have sewed the strips by just grabbing two and ended up with a different pattern.  It seems unlikely but it is possible.  I always pin my seams so I get matching points.  Also, the starch also helps the fabric from slipping keeping your fabric in place.  I finished the first block around 17 minutes.


Finished!  This block is too easy.  I will be back tomorrow with a finished quilt.  If you are following me on Instagram you have already seen some pictures of the pieced back.  I can’t wait to show yall these two quilts tomorrow for two special birthday boys.

Until then, Sew Pretty!