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My Quilting Wish List


I sometimes go to my local quilt shop, Intown Quilters, and I find myself loving everything.  I browse through their notions and feel as if I need EVERYTHING!  I NEED THIS FABIC, I need this notion because it will make me BETTER!  I go to the bookstore and resist from buying every book with pages and pages of beautiful quilts.  Shiny, glossy pages of quilts and directions to make those quilts.  Oh the temptation!  I have to stop myself and consider if my impulses will impede my Happy Husband.  WIth that said, i decided to share my  very long wish list.  I will be revisiting this list every month and checking off items, adding items along with sharing my experience with those items.  Hopefully my Happy Husband will stop by my little blog and buy me something special…;0)

  1. Wonder Clips- 50 Pack 
  2. Sewline Gift Set-  Includes Fabric Glue Pen, Fabric Pencil, Lead and Trio Pencil  
  3. Fabric Line Oh Deer by MoMo 
  4. Fabric Line Noteworthy by Sweetwater 
  5. Fabric Line Type by Windham Fabri
  6. Fabric Line Marmalade by Moda

I know my list is short, I did some editing because it was SHAMEFULLY long……;0)